Trebs 49100 Air purifier

  • Trebs 49100 Air purifier

Trebs 49100 Air purifier


With the Trebs 49100 air purifier you provide your home with healthy air and you have triple protection against odors, allergens, dust and viruses. The air purifier has a replaceable HEPA H13 filter that ensures that 99.97% of the allergens in the air are removed. This can be replaced after intensive use by the replacement filter Trebs 49101.

The Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) is 470 m³ / h, making it suitable for rooms up to 90m². The air purifier has a clean air indicator that shows the results.

The HEPA H13 Filter ensures that asthma complaints are relieved and the UV light ensures that up to 99% bacteria are effectively killed. The active air ionizer attacks unwanted odors.

Of course you also want to be able to use the air purifier at night. That is why it has an extremely low noise level (32dB, whisper quiet) sleep mode, so that you do not have any noise nuisance.

The design is sleek and modern and the air purifier has a child lock. For example, the air purifier is fully equipped and optimally purifies the air in your home.


Benefit from 24 months of warranty.

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