The company

Trebs, part of Commaxx BV, was founded in 1994 and is an international manufacturer of consumer electronics. Our range consists of small household products and specific kitchen products. The Trebs range is distinguished by a range of high-quality comfort products, great ease of use and an eye-catching design.

Through our own employees, long-term partners and distributors, we are working on further expanding Trebs' success. We strongly believe in enthusiasm, professionalism, loyalty and we try to respond innovatively to new developments, trends and needs, while not losing sight of corporate responsibility. Both at our headquarters in Kerkrade and at our own office in Hong Kong, product development, quality control and service are all of paramount importance.

Trebs brings quality, comfort and originality to the kitchen. Trebs kitchen items and household products are designed to combine cooking and household with the ingredient fun. The unique equipment from Trebs must not be missing in the modern kitchen!