Trebs: quality & comfort at home

Trebs, part of Commaxx International N.V., was founded in 1994, and is an international manufacturer of consumer electronics. Our offer consists of small household products and specific kitchen products. The Trebs range distinguishes itself by offering comfort products with high quality, great ease of use and eye-catching design. Thus, we bring quality, comfort and originality to the household.

Trebs kitchen equipment

Trebs' kitchen items and household products are designed to combine cooking and housekeeping with the ingredient of fun. Trebs' range is distinguished by an offer of comfort products with high quality, great ease of use and eye-catching design. The unique appliances from Trebs are not to be missed in the modern kitchen!

The goal of our Trebs small-home and kitchen products is to make sure there is more fun to be had, especially in the kitchen. Getting healthy and varied meals on the table can be quite a challenge, so we're here to help. In our assortment you will find different kitchen tools that no household should be without, such as: waffle makers, coffee makers, blenders but also food processors and pizza ovens. So you can make it fun in the kitchen at any time of day.

Housekeeping with Trebs

Housekeeping should not be forgotten either, we offer different types of vacuum cleaners from the brand Montiss, which will help you keep the house clean and in order. But relaxing on the couch is also part of the deal, what about an electric heating blanket in the winter to warm up. But for the summer a fan is of course much more suitable.

Trebs: more fun at home

When you choose Trebs, you choose thoughtful and fun products of high quality. So you know what you get: nice products to work with, of high quality, available for every budget. If you order directly from our own Trebs webshop, you will benefit from free shipping starting from €30. In addition, we will ship your order the same day if you place your order on workdays before 19:00.