Collection: Fans

A fan provides welcome cooling on hot summer days and nights. For example, an overheated workplace or sweltering summer nights are a thing of the past. With a fan you are provided with a nice breeze indoors. You can get through the summer with a fan from Trebs!

Trebs fan for cooling

Everyone enjoys the summer and the wonderful temperatures that come with it, outside we also fully enjoy the heat, but it is so nice to keep the heat outside. Enjoying a breeze inside with the help of a fan ensures that you can keep a cool head on hot summer days.

Table fan, pedestal fan or tower fan

Our range of fans consists of different versions. For example, we have table fans that are easy to place on the table or on your desk, so that you can enjoy your food with a nice breeze, but also get through your working day with a breath of fresh air. A tripod fan is very useful for cooling an entire room, so it is ideal to place in the living room or bedroom. A tower fan is characterized by its compact design and, as the name suggests, it looks like a tower, usually light in weight, so easy to move. Because of the swivel function that most fans have, you don't have to worry if you are in company, everyone has a turn for a nice fresh breeze. Which fan would suit you best in your home?

Buy a fan at Trebs

If you choose Trebs, you choose well thought-out and fun products of high quality. So you know what you are getting: great products to work with, of high quality, which are available for every budget. If you order directly from our own Trebs webshop, you will benefit from free shipping from €30. In addition, we will ship your order the same day if you order before 7 p.m. on working days.